Host Guide

Host Guide

Getting Started on thisspace 

Now that you’ve got YOUR space up on thisspace, it’s time to grab the attention of prospective guests. We know that spaces have both character and quirks. It’s important to highlight the elements that will draw people into your space and make them want to connect with you and all that your space has to offer. 

  • Start with the basics. Make sure that all of the details are accurate – including the location of your place, the type of spaces that are available, the seating count and other features that guests will have access to.

  • Take photos of the space. Guests love browsing photos when making a decision on what space will best meet their needs. To snap the best photos, tidy up your space beforehand. Take shots of each area, using natural light and landscape orientation when possible.

  • Highlight unique details. When writing your listing title and description, consider what makes your place special. Also, note any aspects in your description that might be important for guests to know before booking, like stairs or parking.

Hosting Best Practices

From responding quickly to inquiries, to avoiding cancellations, here’s what great hosts focus on to make the experience seamless for all. It’s important to be prepared to meet the basic standards laid out by thisspace to ensure a comfortable, reliable experience every time someone books your space.

Here are the basics of what great hosts do: 

  • Respond to guest messages and answer any booking-related messages within 24 hours

  • Set reservation requirements so you’ll feel comfortable accepting more guests without any scheduling conflicts

  • Avoid cancellations by always keeping your calendar updated

  • Get great reviews by following up with guests after they use the site

  • Connect with other experienced hosts to learn what makes for a successful booking